Dolby Recording Studio

Oxley Bizhub 1, Singapore

Mocha Chai Laboratories

Cellyx™ Wave
Fabrix™ ML 27S, EL 27S

Mocha Chai Laboratories

Acoustic Contractor
Aural-Aid Pte Ltd

The Dolby Recording Studio was incorporated by Mocha Chai Laboratories – Singapore’s first fully integrated digital film lab that offers DCI-standard compliant solutions. The new studio introduces two exciting new concepts – Singapore’s first and only Dolby Atmos dubbing theatre and BREWERY by Mocha Chai Laboratories, a co-working creative space designed for the freelance media community.

Cellyx™ Wave acoustic foam panels were installed on the ceilings. This helps to reduce echoes and the overall ambient noise of the recording studio. Apart from installing Cellyx™ acoustic foam panels on the ceiling, Fabrix™ profiles ML 27S and EL 27S were used to create the acoustic panels that clad the walls of the recording studio.


Dolby Recording Studio
Mocha Chai Laboratories
Aural-Aid Pte. Ltd.

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